BOT-Links, LLC
330 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

A Cixi Corporation Company 
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Eliminate Toxic Chemicals from your Plant

Eliminate Toxic Chemicals from your Plant

BOT Links Partners with key Industry Leaders for Re-manufacturing

BOT Links is committed to changing the way industry re-manufactures components  and parts by eliminating the need for toxic chemicals.  Instead of using chemicals, paints & coatings can be removed safely, and environmentally through use of our process called laser ablation.  

We challenge the re-manufacturing industry to join us in changing the face of re-manufacturing through the implementation of clean, safe processes for coating removal.  Our BOT Team can assist in evaluating your needs and design a solution specific to your facility requirements.  

Join us and become part of the new face of re-manufacturing.

BOT Links has partnered with several key industry leaders to develop and promote new green technologies for the re-manufacturing sector.  The President of BOT Links, Isabelle Roberts quoted "Re-manufacturing is the new manufacturing. The current linear economy of manufacturing products without any thought towards the end-of-life value has created such waste, which we now don't know what to do with.  Reusing and redeploying parts will not only make our world a cleaner place by reducing waste, it will also create high value jobs much like those from the manufacturing era days.  Our partnerships with these key industry players will drive change to old methods and processes, by replacing them with greener alternatives."