We use lasers to remove paint.

Our team of experts have been developing an alternative for hazardous chemicals when it comes to removing paints and other coating types.  Today, BOT-Links, LLC brings forward a revolutionary process that is safe, easy to implement, affordable and accessible to everyone in industry.  We are changing the face of re-manufacturing.

"Environmentally benign manufacturing is one of the world's greatest challenges.
BOT-Links brings us closer to that with ECO-friendly products that add benefits in productivity & ROI.” 
~ Isabelle Roberts, President

Why our process over traditional methods?

Chemicals used to remove paint and other coatings are toxic to workers and to our environment.  Chemicals and media from media blast operations result in hazardous waste which is costly to dispose properly.  BOT Links provides an alternative, one that is cleaner, faster and cost effective.

The time has come.

By combining the right mix of optics, lasers, software and automation, the BOT Links team can convert your current coating removal waste-creating chemical process,  into a futuristic looking, sustainable, streamlined operation.  Our solutions provide opportunities across a broad range of industries.   Let's change the face of the re-manufacturing industry together.  Give us a call today.

BOT-Links, LLC
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