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Want to replace costly and environmentally harmful aerospace paint stripping practices, such as solvents, abrasives and blasting?

The BOT Links process for coating removal uses a non-intrusive, non-kinetic method through an environmentally friendly process that, n many cases, requires no surface preparation or post-process activities. Our proven green technology can reduce operation costs and improve productivity in manufacturing, and repair depots across a range of industries.  In many applications, the surface can be immediately recoated, resulting in substantial savings in time, manual labor and in the elimination of hazardous waste handling.  Our unique method results in the reduction of hazardous waste usage by100%. which eliminate the need for permits and lessen regulatory burdens such as reporting, bookkeeping and on-site inspections.  Proper parameters provide a means for the coating material to absorb the laser energy and vaporizes or sublimates, and the substrate experiences no increase in temperature.


The BOT Links process requires little surface preparation nor post-process activities. In many applications, the surface can be immediately recoated. 


As the coatings in aerospace are typically hard and thin, it is difficult to use other practices which would not damage the base.  In addition, flexible patterns can be removed without the requirement of masking or an additional process of adding a protection layer like in chemical etching. The BOT Links coating removal process is cost effective, convenient and a time saver.

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